My Wedding


My Wedding

My cousin and his wife got married when I was 16, five years before my own wedding and I remember thinking how expensive the wedding came across.

I later found out they had spent just over £4,000 and I thought that was way too much money and way too flashy for the day that you celebrate your love for one another in front of all of your family and friends.

So nearly five years on when it was my time I spent a very respectable £1600 and got the wedding that I dreamed of. Yes I didnt have an expensive honeymoon or a designer wedding dress but in every other respect you could not tell that we had kept to a very tight wedding budget.

So here is how our money was spent to see if you can save the same amount of money:

Hire Cars Free (My Dad drove me in his Mercedes)

Photography and wedding album Free (My Dad also provided this he has great experience in photography so would do a better job than using a company)

Wedding Evening Reception Free (Everything for the evening do was covered by my parents as they wanted all their friends there to celebrate the day and didnt want us to cover the cost of their friends)

Registry Office £35 to get married and share our vows with one another

Bouquet and Bridesmaid flowers+Buttonholes £40

Wedding Cake £30 from our local bakery (didnt get an oversized one as they just get wasted)

Wedding Dress £110 from my favourite british department store and very beautiful included all accessories including Tiara etc.

Dressing up the tables £100 including having throwaway cameras on the tables to capture the moments, baloons, party string etc.

3 Day break £250 We got married in the week prior to my 21st so we didnt have time for a long break so had three days at a lovely seafront hotel.

Hiring Outfits £150 Hiring bridesmaid outfits (we had three), groom, page boy (our son) and best man clothing.

Photo developing Free We had a  mountain of photos to get developed from the wedding, thankfully one of the guests bought us vouchers so we used these to pay for the developing.

Wedding Rings £60 I opted to use my mums original wedding ring (she has since had a newer ring) and I bought my husband to be a beautiful gold wedding band.

Beauty Treatments £60 This money was spent on getting everyone ready for the wedding including hair and makeup.

Hen Night and Stag Night £150 We both had a lovely night out the weekend before we got married and this was the cost.

Wedding Reception £760 We paid £19 per head and had 40 guests at our main wedding and reception. This is the biggest cost for any wedding so if you are on a budget just have more at the evening do.

Total cost = £1645 most people dont include their hen night or beauty treatments in the price in which case our wedding would have come in even lower and we did get a lovely few days away after our wedding which was an added bonus. Plus considering that I had my 21st party to cover a few days later I was glad that I was able to save money so easily.

We also had a friend filming our wedding (which he did for free) so that was yet another part of the wedding that didnt cost us anything. We also made a profit too as my wedding outfit was sold for £100 and our wedding gifts actually came to more than what we actually spent on a wedding.

Thanks for reading

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